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Striped Bass Abundance (Spawning Female Biomass)

Striped bass also known as rockfish or stripers has been one of the most sought-after commercial and recreational finfish in the Bay since colonial times.

Striped Bass progress at 80.5%


The striped bass stock remains at high level of abundance and fishing mortality is below the target and threshold levels. However, there were no strong year classes since 2003 and there are concerns about striped bass nutritional status and disease in Chesapeake Bay. Striped bass stock status is reported by the Atlantic State s Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) every two years. ASMFC will complete next assessment in 2011.


The goal for a recovered fishery was a spawning stock biomass (SSB) equal to the average SSBs recorded during 1960-1971. Biological reference points (targets and thresholds) based on biomass and rates of fishing mortality are used to assess the status of the stock.

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